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Robert Amstell

Creative Director
Robert has created award-winning work for The Army, Renault, P&G and The Depaul Trust. Forever challenging convention and pushing boundaries, his 'Walking Dead' viral clocked 6m views in a week, a recent campaign for the new adidas Man Utd shirt was the most successful shirt launch ever, and he proudly holds the world record for the highest ever click-thru rate on a Spotify ad.

Jonny Angel

Client Services Director
In his role as CSD Jonny works tirelessly across the agency, ensuring it delivers on every level for our clients, and also leads the adidas and Orbis Access business. With the little spare time he has left he captains The Corner FC. Previously at Ogilvy, where he was selected for the 360 Fellowship Scheme, he worked with BT, Unilever and Nestle.

Jeevan Bassi

Finance Dude
Management Accountant with experience in Digital Media, Marketing, & Real Estate. Hobbies (summer): Beer and white wine. Hobbies (winter) Whisky & red wine. Achievements: Still married.

Phil Bassot

Phil switched to planning after realising he wasn't organised enough to cut it in Account Management, working his way through two start-ups on his way to The Corner where he now helps Relish beat Sky, Orbis Access beat the banks and Historic Royal Palaces beat Alton Towers. He firmly believes there's nothing better than the smell of a new pair of trainers (except the botanicals in a good gin, obviously).

Andrew Blakeley

Head of Social
Andrew started his life in the fast moving world of shopper marketing, before bringing his planning skills to the even faster moving world of social media. Has led campaigns for Volkswagen, Captain Morgan and O2. Passionate about space, robots, politics, science and the political-science of space-robots.

Chelsea Carr

Office Manager & PA
Queen of Positivity, Eco warrior princess, Hunter of Trophy Hunters, Mother of Happiness, and Lover of all creatures. Oh, and Organiser of Meetings.

Lizzie Clayton

Business Director
Looks after Oasis, National Accident Helpline and new business at The Corner. Loves living in London, and then escaping it at the weekends. Previously worked on McDonald's, RNLI and Kellogg's.

Darren Cohen

Account Assistant
Darren joined us through our recruitment programme with Mencap, an innovative employment initiative we've designed to find talent outside the usual circles. Research demon. Organises the best boozy Thursdays. Loves an emoji. When he's restless he assembles flat pack furniture - regardless of whether he needs it or not.

Daisy Corbett

Business Director
Daisy looks after Flybe and Jigsaw here at The Corner, managing diverse teams and big ambitions with style and grace. Daisy has previously worked with Nokia, The Guardian, McLaren and Microsoft.

Jack Denyer

When Jack was having his graduation photo taken, the photographer shook her head, sighed, and said 'tell your mum I tried'. To this day, he's still trying to work out what she meant.

Taya Dufall

Senior Account Manager
After finishing a degree in advertising and placements at BBH and DigitasLBi, Taya worked in direct & digital at Proximity and then creative communications consultancy Green Cave People, before landing here at The Corner, where she works on Flybe and Oasis.

Holly Eddleston

Director of Influencer Marketing
Holly's got one of 'those black books'. Started working at Red Bull in 2008 when no one had heard of 'Influencer Marketing'. Then for Microsoft and Mercedes. Proud adoptive mother to two donkeys, Gareth and Cocoa. Eee aww.

Tom Ewart

Founding Partner - Chief Creative Officer
Believes in creative agencies, not creative departments. Advocate and engineer of the 'none of us are as smart as all of us' culture and process at The Corner. No silos. No dotted lines. No egos. Previously Executive Creative Director of Publicis London and art director at AMV BBDO.

Massimo Fiori

Business Director
Italian by name. Italian by nature. Translated means 'Maximum Flowers'. Runs the busy and demanding Flybe business here at The Corner, so could be Maximum Flyers.

Millie Forrest

Account Manager
Millie works on Perrigo and Relish at The Corner, runs her own festival food business Soup Library at the weekends and hosts Doc Duck Goose film events at venues across Hackney at night. The sliver of remaining time is for drinking earl grey tea.

Ollie Gilmore

Strategy Director
Ollie cut his planning teeth at Grey, before polishing them at AMV. He's chewed over Honda, British Heart Foundation, Sony and Mercedes-Benz, and won awards at IPA, APG and Marketing Society. But he smiles pearly-white-widest about his recent Man Utd shirt launch for Adidas, here at The Corner, which is now recognised as the most successful shirt launch of all time. He's very fond of dental metaphors.

Kristie Girvan

Kristie gets called Kirsty a lot. But she's happy being called K if that makes it easier. She's produced stuff. Lots of stuff. In a lot of places. Auckland, Sydney, London. Beyond The Corner you can catch her DJ'ing at Flamingo Pier (sometimes we let her choose the music here too.)

Lauren Gray

Lauren is the go-to person at The Corner for all things needed fast. Working across multiple platforms for brands like Oasis, Orbis, Senet & Blu. Lover of the cinema (she still believes it's cool to go on your own.) Does all DIY with a hammer. Hates Stylist. Loves Shortlist.

Mahbub Hasan

Accounts Assistant
Lethal with a calculator. A good friend to have when you need your expenses paid. Currently lobbying for more holiday at The Corner - 'five weeks isn't enough' he cries.

Katie Heaselgrave

Production Assistant
Fast, intuitive, never takes 'no' for an answer, Katie makes anything and everything happen for our clients. Big on dad jokes, cereal (in the evening) and a medium rare steak. Happiest when she can see her food coming in a restaurant.

Neil Hourston

Founding Partner - Chief Strategy Officer
Neil started his career in qualitative research, before moving into advertising as Chief Strategy Officer at TBWA and Grey London. He has worked with Sony PlayStation, News International, Nissan, Apple and Muller, and won both APG and IPA planning awards.

Louise Jackson

First things first, for the record, Louise is just a regular person. Hates being called 'HR lady'. Not scary at all. She's got over 20 years experience in HR, spent working in the advertising and digital media industry. Here to champion our people and look after our greatest asset.

Niall Kerry

Niall grew up in the midlands but, after studying advertising in Falmouth, managed to shake his unfashionable accent. He now creates very fashionable campaigns for Jigsaw and powerful stuff for Mencap.

Fahima Khatun

Assistant Office Manager
Fahima joined us through our recruitment programme with London Youth, an innovative employment initiative we've designed to find talent outside the usual circles. Likes keeping fit and going to the gym. Youngest in the agency. Learning from the best (her words).

Charlie Kirkbride

Strategy Director
Earned her planning stripes at Leo Burnett, working on Always, Kellogg's and Freeview. Followed her passion for music to FRUKT, where she worked on McDonald's, Budweiser and Jaegermeister and learned you can, in fact, go to too many festivals.

Matthew Lancod

Creative Director
One of the first people to join The Corner in 2012, Matthew has worked across almost every one of our clients, creating powerful work that challenges convention and impacts popular culture. Previously at Publicis London where he created the infamous iHobo - a homeless person that lived on your iPhone - to raise awareness of the charity DePaul UK.

Will Leabeater

Business Director
Will drinks London Pride, uses Relish wi-fi and always has a bottle of Prevalin in his pocket when the pollen-count is high, so it's fitting that he leads the London Pride, Relish and Omega Pharma business. Previously at CHI & Partners where he worked with The Times, GSK, Burger King and Anchor. Loves his bike (actually more the pub at the end of a ride).

Andrew Minchin

Trained in print, native in digital, Andrew makes our clients' work look good anywhere and everywhere. He is not related to comedian Tim Minchin. Wishes it was burger Thursday every day.

Katrina Morelli

Head of Production
Resident Aussie. Previously at BBDO, Droga 5, Grey and RGA. Leads a diverse and agile production team and Busk, our in-house content unit. Loves making great work with great people.

Simon Morton

Head of Studio
The design studio at The Corner is everything you want a design studio to be; creative, efficient, entrepreneurial, friendly, and this is in no small part down to Simon. Hell-bent on shaping a team of talent that can deliver so much more than the traditional agency studio offering, Simon seamlessly blends creativity and business acumen. Previously worked across Samsung's global business.

Piers O'Kelly

Piers studied anthropology at uni, realised he wasn't smooth enough to become the next Indiana Jones, so hopped on the Watford ad course. He then joined AMV followed by Saatchi & Saatchi (picking up a few awards along the way) before arriving here at The Corner, where he created the'Bad Betty' responsible gambling campaign. Still bounces into the office every morning, loving work that never feels like work.

Kim Ougden

Attention to detail is Kim's thing. Hair colour is Pantone 165.

Martine Paget

Business Director
Paris - Toronto - London. Martine leads Blu, the global e-cig here at The Corner, and L'Oreal brands, Mixa, Summerbody and Skin Active. Previously worked with Renault, Citi, The Glenlivet, Pay Pal, SCA and Virgin Atlantic Flying Club.

Theo Philips

Will Smith, in good lighting, is (occasionally) mistaken for Theo. So, when he's not fighting off the paparazzi, Theo can be found on one of his phones, producing work across all channels for Flybe, Fullers and Orbis, but Theo also has his fingers in many other pies here at The Corner - helped by the fact that he has hands the size of Islington.

Mark Pluck

Senior Account Manager
Mark 'the-strawberry-blonde-not-ginger' Pluck is the least Spanish looking Spanish person, ever. Works on Blu, L'Oreal and Senet.

Tom Prendergast

Creative Director
Same as Joe, but with a redolence of middle class.

Mikey Robinson

Senior Social Creative
Former News Editor Mikey made the move from pop to pants, working on Agent Provocateur and Armani Underwear at PENCIL before overseeing social media for G-Shock and the global launch of net-a-porter's PORTER magazine. Token Irish. Addresses everyone as 'babes', babes

Rob Russell

Head of Design
Rob (not to be confused with Robert) likes Avant Garde Gothic, Pantone 2301 (uncoated of course) and women's football. Middle name George.

Liam Scott

With a Cannes Lion for his T-Mobile 'parking ticket' campaign, and the much-lauded 'Bad Betty' responsible gambling ads under his belt, Liam has had a super-charged start to his career, and continues to produce the magic here at The Corner. In his spare time he enjoys Krav Maga (roughly translated as 'wrestling sweaty men'). His greatest achievement is featuring in a Harry Potter film.

Neil Simpson

Founding Partner - Chief Executive Officer
Neil has worked both agency and client-side, starting as an account director at Ogilvy and BBH, before migrating across to global marketing roles at Coca Cola, adidas and then Vodafone. He re-joined agency life as CEO of Publicis London in 2008, and started The Corner 3 years later.

Joe Stamp

Creative Director
Joe works with Flybe, Relish, Nat Geo, Orbis Access and Travel Supermarket, creating multi-channel, award-winning work, that works. Proud to have created the world's first LOL detector. Even prouder that he's from Essex.

Graham Stewart

Founding Partner - Commercial Director
Graham has held financial positions in the industry for over 25 years. Most recently as CFO for Starcom / MediaVest EMEA, and Group COO for Publicis London, responsible for five companies covering advertising, direct communication, digital communications, publishing and production.

Megan Sutton

Joining us straight from uni, Megan is testament to the opportunities our flat structure offers young talent here at The Corner. Hands-on and full of energy, Megan assists and produces work for Drive Now, FOX and Relish, and most recently was instrumental in launching the new Man Utd shirt for adidas - now hailed as the most successful shirt launch of all time, and adidas' most successful digital campaign ever. Not bad for her first year in advertising!

Ella Tramunto

Ella works with Flybe, blu, L’Oréal and Late Rooms. Reads anything and everything, from the Daily Mail to Damasio. In her free time, you can either find her clad in overalls, paintbrush in hand, or with her nose firmly planted in New Scientist. Advertising: science or art or both? Hmmmm.

Tom Tribe

Social Content Creator
Originally a fine art photographer, Tom switched to the dark side and now shoots beautiful daily social content for London Pride and Frontier craft beer.


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